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Collective AIM Inc. is a dynamic software design and development accelerator that manages the complete solution life cycle from concept through design, development, implementation and ongoing support and maintenance.  Our past clients range from early stage start-ups through the Fortune 50 (particularly in the oil and gas, energy and digital health markets) and we’re comfortable operating under both bootstrapped agile or rigid enterprise software implementation methodologies.

The development of business centric Web applications that automate or optimize business processes is our core competence and expertise.  Our proven focus on aligning the technical requirements with the business needs has allowed us to be successful with all of our solution implementations delivering the promised results to our clients.

Solution Acceleration



We are not your typical Incubator or Accelerator.  Instead of focusing on business mentoring and providing office space and infrastructure we partner with business minded founders and offer a proven software platform and experienced technical resources to rapidly accelerate the development and release of the venture’s solution. 





Our network of developers and consultants has both very strong consumer and enterprise software experience which is not typically found in a traditional consulting organization. This benefits us in design and implementation of modern, open, standards based and robust solutions that meet both your business needs and technical requirements. 




From shrink wrapped consumer products to end to end integrated enterprise solutions to cloud-based platforms for the masses we've successfully built them all.  Our wide range of experience across various industries gives us a great perspective on the best way to design and implement solutions.

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