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Solution Acceleration

Collective AIM Inc. is not your typical Incubator or Accelerator – instead of focusing on business mentoring and providing office space and infrastructure we partner with business minded founders and offer a proven software platform and experienced technical resources to rapidly accelerate the development of the venture’s solution. 

Looking for more than office space and business consulting?  We can provide both but our focus is to collaborate with business founders and provide the technical execution required to launch their business.

Not interested in co-locating and are comfortable with virtual team collaboration?  We aren’t into working in artificial environments either.  With the proper communication and collaboration virtual teams can execute more efficiently than those co-located.


Do you want to focus on your business strategy and go to market planning and not the execution of your solution?   We think you should too.  You are the expert of your domain and know your business.  We are experts of our technology platform and are solution developers at heart.

Having trouble finding the right resources for your venture?  We can help.  Bootstrapping your venture as long as possible is important to increase its value before raising capital. Collective AIM has a strong network of resources that can be engaged in different ways to avoid the need to raise any or significant start-up financing.  Transition of project resources from start-up mode to full operations can accelerate the ramp-up of the organization and provide consistency.

Development velocity ​and leverage is essential to shorten the time to market and to increase the quality and depth of new solutions.  The Collective AIM Solution Acceleration platform has been developed from the experiences of many and varied projects and has been established as a proven, highly extensible and mass scale foundation for rapidly developing enterprise caliber solutions.  In conjunction with our premier development and consulting services entrepreneurs can focus on the business areas of their startup knowing that the underlying technology is solid and in good hands.  Ideal for pre-investment or early stage startups Collective AIM is open to partnership approaches in which we both succeed together.  Please contact us to learn more about our Solution Acceleration platform and partnership approach.


  • Rapid solution development leads to much faster time to market.

  • Reduced risk by building on a proven platform by trusted development resources.

  • Access to a network of skilled and experienced technical resources.

  • Proven experience with complex and dynamic projects allows entrepreneur to focus on the business and not on the product development.


  • Reduced investment risk for start-ups built on a proven platform by trusted development resources.

  • Faster solution development shortens the time to exit for each investment.

  • Trusted resources that are involved in the investor’s portfolio companies increases the visibility into their progress and challenges reducing the effort required to manage each investment.


  • The Solution Acceleration platform and resources are a cost effective and efficient way for software vendors and enterprises to rapidly develop MVP solutions for pilots or demonstrations to test new solutions or markets.

  • Rapid development with minimal or no impact to internal technical resources allows business owners to focus on their requirements and strategy.

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