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For Enterprises



Many of Collective AIM's projects have been with large enterprises in both lead and complimentary roles.  We understand well the complexities that are involved in large corporate implementation and integration projects with many holding a stake in its outcome.  Enterprise landscapes are complex and the many governance, compliance and architectural restrictions must be understood and navigated properly to get to a successful delivery.


Collective AIM has specialities in the Asset Information Management and Asset Data Governance spaces and has been involved in the development and implementation of solutions to address these needs for the capital intensive market for over a decade.  Seamless integration both technically with the business systems (ERP/EAM) and the day to day work processes are essential to automate and optimize the handling of the critical data that drives your business.


For Start-ups



Custom solution development and the creation of a product or software service from a concept have their own challenges and complexities.  The Collective AIM team has been and continues to be involved in many start-ups and understands the balance between time to market and the need to design and build a flexible solution that will scale and adapt as the company grows and pivots.


Our start-up experience and core services can be leveraged and a valuable kick start for new companies needing to get their idea quickly transformed into a real solution ready to market.  We're always open to creative ways to partner with new companies - we prefer a much more collaborative relationship with our clients than the typical sub-contractor model.  Leveraging the Collective AIM Solution Acceleration platform will give you the development velocity needed for your new venture to succeed.




Scalable cloud-based web applications


The development of business centric Web applications that automate or optimize business processes is our core competence and expertise.  Our focus on aligning the technical requirements with the business needs has allowed us to be successful with our client implementations delivering the promised results.  In addition to the deep experience we have accumulated with traditional multi-tiered MVC web applications designed with the Java stack, we also have expertise with:


  • Architecture for cloud and mass scale deployments
  • Design and implementation of secure and highly available REST APIs
  • Feature rich front-end web and mobiles applications 
  • Design of non-blocking and asynchronous IO web architectures for maximum scale
  • Migration from traditional on-site deployed software to modern and service based cloud solutions.

Enterprise Solutions


Over many years in successful projects we have designed, architected, developed and tested enterprise software applications that interface with and compliment typical business production systems such as SAP, IBM Maximo, Ventyx, Oracle.  We have implemented large applications and solutions using core enterprise technologies such as Java EE in many different business scenarios:

  • Multi-party collaboration and information exchange
  • Corporate master data management and governance
  • Enterprise system and transactional integration
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