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The Collective AIM Team

Collective AIM is a network of top caliber solution designers, developers and consultants who are very experienced in all aspects of a solution build. Close collaboration and team building with our clients and partners is the key to our success.
We pride ourselves in our ability to understand our client's business requirements in detail and to execute quickly in the design and implementation of the appropriate solution. We maintain a very dynamic, innovative and collaborative work environment that has attracted the highest caliber of technical resources. 

Innovators at heart, the Collective AIM team's approach is very solutions design and implementation oriented and not at all about consuming billable hours.  Our team has been collaborating together for years and is very independent and flexible which allows us to execute very efficiently and quickly.
Collective AIM was founded by Glenn Morell in February 2009 and since then has been involved in dozens of successful projects. A chronic software entrepreneur innovating previously for Delrina, Symantec, Lanacom, BackWeb Technologies and NRX Global he is a strong believer in how a small, highly skilled, cohesive and motivated team can execute much more efficiently to accomplish their goals.
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